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SLPMC is accustomed to providing clients with high quality professional services of project management, consulting, project supervision, cost engineering, and engineering design.

"Standardize the management, quality products, value-for-money services, excellent reputation " is the letter of Suzhou Engineering Consulting Co., the company has been adhering to tradition. All the letter also has been inheriting the fine tradition. Our development, from hard outstanding entrepreneurial stage, full of youthful spirit development, to today, in a standardized management system construction, the future of the company more expectations towards the diversification of the group management goal.

Integrity, self-confidence and hard work to be successful, as a company is more such. In such a highly competitive era, good faith to provide us a good foundation for the development of self-confidence so that we in the competition and development in both opportunities and challenges of the environment more confidence ; to let us learn to stand on solid ground and unremitting pursuit. As long as these, our development will be more stable. "The product to a step, innovation" the enterprise culture also inspired us to continue to accumulate and innovate. We are willing to provide a person of noble aspirations with excellent working environment and fully display the stage of talent of have both ability and political integrity, let people realize the value of life, together with the rising towards larger and farther in the direction of development.

Finally, we thank the social from all walks of life to the letter of Suzhou engineering consulting company 's strong support and selfless love, appreciate the hard work in various positions on the staff to be conscientious and do one's best!