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 Job recruitment : Supervisor  Number of recruits : 10 people
 Place of work :  Salary treatment : Negotiable
 Release time : Negotiable  Closing time :
 Contact person : Administrative personnel department  E-mail:

 Job requirements :


One, inspect manage duty

(a) in the professional supervision engineer under the guidance of quality supervision, inspection and measurement of specific supervision;

(two ) verification and record entry materials, devices and components of the original certificate, inspection reports and other quality documents, and the construction personnel to use ;

(three ) endorsed the project quality inspection and engineering measurement of original documents ;

(four ) responsible for on-site supervision work, do a good job supervision record ;

(five ) collecting the management information ;

(six ) good supervision diary and relevant supervision records ;

(seven ) when it is discovered that the major construction quality and safety problems, timely report to the chief supervision engineer.

Two, qualification

In 1, 24 years of age and older, university degree or above, construction, civil engineering, civil engineering related major;

In 2, 1 years project management experience, holds the Supervision Certificate;

3, proficient in project supervision, project management and other related professional knowledge, understanding of construction law, contract law, tendering and Bidding Law and other relevant laws and regulations, understand the project budget related knowledge;

In 4, with strong communication ability and organization coordinated ability, can the reasonable and effective coordination of related work, work rigorous, serious, meticulous, have certain computer to operate ability;

In 5, responsibility heart is strong, hard-working, can suit still travel.