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SLPMC, founded in 2002, has developed expertise in the fields of project management, project supervision, and contract management. The supervision grade is A.
SLPMC has a staff of 206, of which 2 engineers have master¡¯s degrees, 60 are registered consultant engineers, 24 are registered cost engineers, 30 are consultant engineers, and 10 are cost engineers,70 are Professional supervision engineers,20 are cost engineers.

Most of staff has more than ten years experience in project management and consulting services, also some of them are from design or construction companies. They are specialized in the following fields:

Geological Survey Structural Transportation Architectural
Mechanical & Piping Electrical HVAC Engineering economics    

Our company will provide high quality professional technical management, consultation, supervision, cost, the design, and other services, to make sure that your request can be realized in the quality of your requirement, duration, and formulated according to or below the budget to complete the project.
As an independent construction consultant, we will stand on the side of the owner of protecting the owner business interests. The owner will get us no prejudice professional advice. We are faithful to the owner, our professional opinions will not suffer anybody influence. We will continue to design and construction unit of material, report and put forward Suggestions, questioned to ensure their job performance.
All the owner in the implementation of the project all risks, when we detailed monitoring and audit service, together with our correct business insight can guide the project implementation, and ensure that your project in goal and minimize risk and because construction delay caused by the costs.
We provide the service modes of the flexible and can be effectively assist owners to work in various fields. We can provide the complete set of service, also can be in the early or late contract when the time is right to discuss with the owner to provide a a service.
Our responsibility is to work together to ensure that the design and construction unit obtain the owner of the best performance, that the goal of the project can be realized.